Ticketing fees


The price of your ticket breaks down into:

  • price of the trip excluding taxes / carrier surcharge
  • taxes
  • ticketing fees

Booking fees are charged along with the sale of each ticket and apply to all passengers, except for infants under 2 years of age. They are non-refundable unless: - Your flight is canceled by the airline - Your flight is over 5 hours late and you decide not to fly Ticketing fees vary depending on:

  • travel type* (short-haul, medium-haul, long-haul flight),
  • travel class,
  • ticket price and conditions,
  • point of sale** (online, phone, ticket office).
On airfrance.sgBy phone at the Air France Call CenterAt an Air France airport office
ALL TYPES (Short, Medium, Long-haul tickets) SGD 0 SGD 32 SGD 40